Subject: Entanglement NY - Minke Newborn (fwd)

mike williamson (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 16:07:17 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: Re: NY Entanglement - Minke Newborn

Kim Durham of the Riverhead Foundation (NY) passed on the following preliminary
information on the entanglement:

Wednesday, 24 June 1998
@12:10 hrs      
Coast Guard Moriches Group contacted the Foundation with a report of a live 
entangled 12 ft. animal located approximately 1/2 mile off Long Beach, Hempstead
township, Nassau County, Atlantic Ocean.

@ 12:34 hrs.    
Coast Guard personnel arrived on scene and determined that the animal was dead. 

@ 14:00 hrs.    
Stranding personnel (Kim Durham etc.) arrived on scene and identified the animal
as a very young, small minke whale

Fishing gear is described as approximately 6" mesh gillnet.  Complete 
information on the fishing boat is available.

Location of entanglement:  40.34.75 N      73.41.58 W

The carcass has been landed and Riverhead Foundation will perform the necropsy 
today on site.

NMFS NER Stranding Coordinator


Kim Durham from the Riverhead Foundation called to report an entangled 
small-to-medium cetacean 1/2 mile off Long Beach,NY early this afternoon.  The 
species will not be confirmed until she gets to the dock to receive the carcass 
from the Marine Police, who are towing it in.  We are unsure at this point 
whether the animal was still alive when it was brought up.  
The USCG took video and boarded the vessel, so we should have further 
information on the gear type.  The fisherman will be instructed to complete an 
MMAP form.
Teri Rowles and Dana are working with Kim on sample collection.