Subject: Citing web materials: Bibliographic question (fwd)

mike williamson (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 19:24:58 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Mike:  Here is one answer I got regarding bibliographic citations for
internet material:

>This issue hasn't been entirely resolved. It is still quite new. Or so I
>believed until I had an inspiration and found a listing in the Index of the
>latest (1998) edition (9th) of the redoubtable American Medical Association
>Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors (the Bible) under "Internet:
>reference citation format." Thanks for making me think to look there--I have
>seen these citations higglety-pigglety, including in articles I have edited,
>and not known what to do.
>There is an entire list under World Wide Web. It says, "Citations to material
>on a Web site take the following form:"  ....and I will retype it for you,
>since I don't believe you have a fax machine (I'm abbreviating journal titles
>but they run the whole thing) and time is clearly of the essence. The
>"accessed on" part is new to me.
>1. Rosenthal S, Chen R, Hadler S. The safety of acellular ... [abstract].
>Pediatr Adolesc Med [serial online]. 1996;150:457-460. Available at:
>pubs/journals/archive/ajdc/vol_150/no_5/abstract/htm. Accessed November 10,
>2. Gostin LO. Drug use and HIV/AIDs [JAMA HIV/AIDS Web site]. June 1, 1996.
>Available at: Accessed June 26,
>3. LaPorte RE, Marler E, al. The death of biomedical journals. BMJ
>[serial online]. 1995;310:1387-1390. Available at:
> Accessed June 26, 1997.
>4. FDA/CFSAN resources pag. Food and Drug Administration Web site. Available
>at:;aplrd/sodium.text. June 23, 1997.
>5. Health on the Net Foundation. Health on the Net Foundation code of conduct
>(HONcode) for medical and health web sites. Available at:
> Accessed June 26, 1997.
>6. Health Care Financing Administration. 1996 statistics at a glance.
>Available at: Accessed December 2,
>When a Web address goes over a line, they put the slash at the beginning of
>the NEXT line.
>Obviously these are all clinical citations but I think you can adapt them for
>actual sites for kids to use as examples.