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>To : G. Early  
>My Science students are currently tracking "Poego". They have been also
>keeping up with "Keiko" and wanted to know if it was possible that the
>two were in the same waters. In ither words would it be possible for
>Poego to become lunch for Keiko?  
>                     S. Thibodeaux 
>                     Rasco Middle School

To: Rasco Middle School Science Class:

Well, with my luck I suppose anything is possible, but I'd say it was very,
very VERY, unlikely.  Keiko is somewhere off the coast of Iceland (in a
well enclosed pen I might add), and right now "PoeGo" is in a narrow
stretch of water between Newfoundland and Labrador (the Belle Isle Strait)
so they are thousands of miles apart.  Although, anyone can guess where
"PoeGo" will go from here you might check the WhaleNet archive for the
track of another hooded seal "Stephanie" that traveled to the arctic in the
fall, spent the winter off of the south coast of Newfoundland and in the
early summer moved to ice off of the east coast of Greenland (one of the
areas we think hooded seals go to moult).  If "PoeGo" does the same thing
he will be a lot closer at that time, but not so close that I would  be too

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