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Subject: Current advances in Marine Mammal Science

From: Andrew Schiro <>

Current Advances in Marine Mammal Science) (CAMMS) was developed to help ke=
researchers informed of current marine mammal publications.

CAMMS has gone through a major upgrade.=A0 It is now a truely searchable
database.=A0 Users can now import references into a Reference Manager or Pr=
database in one step and import references into EndNote or other reference
managers from a text file.=A0 CAMMS 2 requires version 3 browsers or higher=
preferably Netscape Navigator v3 or later, Microsoft Internet Explorer v3 o=
later.=A0 The text browser 'Lynx' also appears to work.

The new address is <>http://camms.tamug.tamu.ed=
The old addresswill forward you to the current site for the next few weeks.

Remember that we do this is an altruistic service. If you know of any new
references (include any new reports, thesis, etc) that are not contained he=
e-mail them to me. Abstracts are great but not necessary. Also adding a few
keywords will help others find the reference.

This new version of CAMMS is a cooperative project with the Marine Mammal
Research Program (Texas A&M University).=A0 Thanks Bernd.

Thanks also should go to Jan Herrmann for not only finding new references b=
most importantly getting all of our new additions into the proper format.=
Hopefully his job will be much easier now with the new software.=A0 CAMMS i=
as much his as mine.

Please remember that CAMMS is a limited resource and researchers are
to also search the library paper and electronic copies of Zoological Record=
Biological Abstracts, etc. for relevant and useful references that date bef=
the beginning of this site.

Andy Schiro

Andrew Schiro
1341 Kentucky
Lawrence KS, 66044

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