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Aloha MARMAMer's -

Following the lead set by Leah Gerber and Brenda Jensen, former and current
Students-At-Large for the Society for Marine Mammalogy, students in Hawaii
have set up a formal Hawaiian Islands Student Chapter for SMM which is now
open for membership.  This chapter has been designed with the underlying
purpose of bringing the many students of marine mammalogy in the state of
Hawaii together to encourage communication, sharing, networking, and mutual
support.  In Hawaii, new principal investigators and expanding interests
have brought students to the state to study every diverse aspect of the
marine mammals that inhabit the islands, either in captivity or in the
wild.  The plan of the chapter is to bring these students together, holding
regular meetings in which students will present current research, discuss
ideas and results, and keep in touch with each other as the year
progresses.  Membership is open to all students, including undergraduates
and graduates, as well as others working with marine mammals but just are
not students yet.  Please visit the Chapter Web Site, at, to get the full picture!  To join the
chapter, link to the Membership page and fill out the Membership form.

All students in Hawaii should join!  The first meeting is in the planning
stages, and if you have suggestions or want to help out, contact Jen
Philips, Chapter Organizer, at

Aloha -

Jen Philips


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