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Subject: Plastic ingestion and diet of harbour porpoise

We recently necropsied a 95 cm harbour porpoise which was found dead
on the Northumberland Strait (Gulf of St. Lawrence) coast of Nova
Scotia, Canada. Two things were particularly of interest. The porpoise
had ingested a 5 cm x 7 cm piece of plastic, which was lodged in the
posterior end of the esophagus. Immediately anterior to this were the
remains of 18 recently ingested juvenile threespined sticklebacks
(Gasterosteus aculeatus).

I have found a number of references on harbour porpoise diet
(citations below), none of which appear to mention feeding on
threespined stickleback. Presumably at 95 cm, the animal was only
recently weaned, and it was also visibly emaciated, thus it seems
likely that it was feeding on fish not normally in the diet of the
species. This might also explain the ingestion of plastic. Such
plastic ingestion appear to be rare, not only in harbour porpoise, but
in cetaceans in general (some citations below). I'm wondering whether
any researchers have records of harbour porpoise ingestion of
plastic, or feeding on threespined sticklebacks, or any references
(published or unpublished) to plastic ingestion in other cetaceans
other than those noted below.

I'm also interested in the size of weaning for North Atlantic harbour
porpoise, if anyone has any information on this.

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