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Subject: US Northeast Student Chapter for SMM

Subject : US Northeast Student Chapter for SMM

        A US Northeast Regional Student Chapter of the Society for Marine
 Mammalogy has recently been created and all undergraduates, graduates and
students-to-be are invited to join.  The anticipated goal of the Chapter
is to foster a student community through which individuals in the field
of marine mammalogy will gather to share ideas, collaborate on projects,
present their work and more.  The Chapter can also provide a link between
its members and the Student-At-Large representative for the Society for
Marine Mammalogy (currently Brenda Jensen).  The US Northeast region has
been arbitrarily delimited as North of and including New York state.
However, until additional US and Canada chapters on the East coast are
initiated, other than the existing Florida Chapter, all are welcome to join.
        The first meeting of the Chapter will take place in Woods Hole, MA;
the meeting is tentatively scheduled for early 1999.  It will provide an
opportunity for all interested students to express their needs and
expectations of the Chapter and participate in its formal and final
organization.  The meeting will feature discussion of purpose statement,
board member elections, presentations of student research, and keynote
speakers, as well as informal activities.
        In the near future a Web site will be created. Contact Celine Godard
at or Sara Wetmore at for further
information and enrollment, suggestions or comments.

Thanks! Celine and Sara

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