Subject: Seals: evidence for monk seals in the West Indies (fwd)

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Subject: Re: evidence for monk seals in the West Indies (fwd)

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>MARMAM subscribers might be interested in the following:
>Boyd, I.L., and M.P. Stanfield. 1998. Circumstantial evidence for the
>presence of monk seals in the West Indies. Oryx 32:310-316.

To all:

Those interested in the above article may also wish to check the following
website... an account of a
hooded seal stranding in St. John's US VI.  Hooded and Harp seal strandings
have increased greatly along the east coast of the US in the past decade.
Although this may be an isolated incident (and I have not seen the full
text of the above article, and do not know if photos of juvenile harp and
hooded seals were used in the investigation) sightings of extralimital
arctic seals may account for at least some of the sightings of phocids in
this area.


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