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Subject: Marine Mammal Management II

The first offering of the Distance Education course Marine Mammal
Management is underway. Participants are in Australia, Hong Kong, Great
Britain, USA and Canada. Because of the global response and continuing
enquiries the Oceanographic Center has decided the course will be offered
again in the "winter " term (January 4 - March 26,1999).

Registration is open now and will close December 28.
Please see the website:
for full details of the program.

Application may be by e-mail
Please see the website:

Professor Keith Ronald, Course Coordinator, Oceanographic Center,
Nova Southeastern University.

Keith Ronald    (
Oceanographic Center
Institute of Marine and Coastal Studies
Nova Southeastern University
8000 North Ocean Drive
Dania, Florida, 33304, USA.
Adjunct Professor, Marine Mammals and Environmental Studies.