Subject: Publications: recent marine mammal publications (fwd)

Mike Williamson (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 17:03:01 -0500 (EST)

Subject: recent marine mammal publications (fwd)

     Comparative kinematics and hydrodynamics of odontocete cetaceans:
     Morphological and ecological correlates with swimming performance.
     Fish, FE. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY. October 1998 v201 i20

     Mercury-induced micronuclei in skin fibroblasts of beluga whales.
     Gauthier, JM; Dubeau, H; Rassart, E. ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY AND
     CHEMISTRY. December 1998 v17 i12 p2487-2493

     Harbor porpoise and fisheries: An uncertainty analysis of incidental
     mortality. Caswell, W; Brault, S; Read, AJ; Smith, TD.  ECOLOGICAL
     APPLICATIONS. November 1998 v8 i4 p1226-1238

     Prevalence and intensity of the ectoparasite Echinophthirius horridus
     on harbour seals (Phoca vitulina): effects of host age and
     inter-annual variability in host food availability. Thompson, PM;
     Corpe, HM; Reid, RJ. PARASITOLOGY. October 1998 v117 part4 p393-403

     Do harp seals Phoca groenlandica exhibit particular prey preferences?.
     Lindstrom, U; Harbitz, A; Haug, T; Nilssen, KT. ICES JOURNAL OF MARINE
     SCIENCE. October 1998 v55 i5 p941-953

     Invasions of harp seals Phoca groenlandica ERXLEBEN to coastal waters
     of Norway in 1995: Ecological and demographic implications. Nilssen,
     KT; Haug, T; Oritsland, T; Lindblom, L; Kjellqwist, SA. SARSIA.
     October-November 1998 v83 i4 p337-345

     Anisakid nematodes in the common seal (Phoca vitulina L.) in Icelandic
     waters. Olafsdottir, D; Hauksson, E. SARSIA. October-November 1998 v83
     i4 p309-316

     Antigenic and nucleotide characterization of a herpesvirus isolated
     from Pacific harbor seals (Phoca vitulina richardsii). King, DP;
     Parselles, R; Gulland, FMD; Lapointe, JM; Lowenstine, LJ; Ferrick, DA;
     Stott, JL. ARCHIVES OF VIROLOGY. July-August 1998 v143 i10 p2021-202

     ****the following reprint includes pinniped information******
     Immunogenetic evidence for the phylogenetic sister group relationship
     of dogs and bears (Mammalia, Carnivora: Canidae and Ursidae) - A
      comparative determinant analysis of carnivoran albumin, C3 complement
     and immunoglobulin mu-chain. Schreiber, A; Eulenberger, K; Bauer, K.

     Trace metals in seabirds, Steller sea lion, and forage fish and
     zooplankton from central California. Sydeman, WJ; Jarman, WM.
     MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN. October 1998 v36 i10 p828-832

     *****It would appear that there is a new marine mammal book as well.
     The following are chapters in a recently published book from Plenum

     Phylogenetic and morphometric reassessment of the dental evidence for
     a mesonychian and cetacean clade. OLeary, MA.  EMERGENCE OF WHALES.
     1998 p133-161

     Homology and transformation of cetacean ectotympanic structures. Luo,
     ZX. EMERGENCE OF WHALES. 1998 p269-301

     Biomechanical perspective on the origin of cetacean flukes. Fish, FE.
     EMERGENCE OF WHALES. 1998 p303-324

     Cetacean origins - Evolutionary turmoil during the invasion of the
     oceans. Thewissen, JGM. EMERGENCE OF WHALES. 1998 p451-464

     Evolution of thermoregulatory function in cetacean reproductive
     systems. Pabst, DA; Rommel, SA; McLellan, WA. EMERGENCE OF WHALES.
     1998 p379-397

     The most recent issue of _Natural History_ (12/98-1/99) has an article
     by Bob Pitman and Susan Chivers on the observations of killer whales
     attacking a group of sperm whales off the coast of California,
     "Terror in black and white", pages 26-29.

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