Subject: Report of entangled whale - 12 miles S. of Long Island (fwd)

mike williamson (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 10:45:27 -0500 (EST)

     I received calls early Saturday Evening (12/5) from both Ed Lyman 
     (Center for Coastal Studies) and Coast Guard District 1(CG).  They 
     reported that crew from a merchant vessel had sighted a stationary, 
     entangled whale.  CG sent both a Falcon Jet and a Helicopter (w/ night 
     vision equipment) to the location.   Unfortunately crew from both 
     platforms were not able to relocate the whale.   An additional flight 
     through that area on Sunday turned up nothing.
     DATE/TIME OBSERVED: 12/5/98; 13:00
     LAST KNOWN LOCATION: 40 37.7N  072 28.25W; Approximately 12 miles 
     south of Shinnecock, Long Island, NY
     DESCRIPTION: Very sketchy.  The crew of the merchant vessel indicated 
     that the whale was not moving and that it may be "involved in nets"
     EST. LENGTH: 10-15 meters (33-49ft)
     Dana Hartley