Subject: Protection for the Gully, Canada (fwd)

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Subject: Protection for the Gully, Canada (fwd)

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The Gully, a submarine canyon off Nova Scotia, and an important
habitat for a number of species of Cetacea, especially northern
bottlenose whales, has been designated as a pilot marine protected

Excerpts from the Press Release of Canadian Department of Fisheries
and Oceans (
are included below:

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Thursday 3 December - "David Anderson, Minister
of Fisheries and Oceans,  ... announced that the Sable Gully, located
200 km offshore of Nova Scotia east of Sable Island, has been
selected as Atlantic Canada's first pilot Marine Protected Area (MPA)
under Canada's Oceans Act.

"Minister Anderson stated "this pilot designation is based on
advice I have received from a multi-stakeholder group tasked with
developing a Sable Gully Conservation Strategy. It is clear to me that
the Sable Gully is an ecologically significant marine area which we
need to learn more about.

.."For a number of years, the ecology of the Gully has attracted the
attention of government agencies, various industry groups and
non-government organizations.  The Gully is the largest undersea
canyon in eastern Canada, and is considered an important habitat for
a wide diversity of marine life, including over 200 vulnerable
northern bottlenose whales. "


For more information on the research undertaken by Hal Whitehead's
Lab on the northern bottlenose whales in the Gully, please visit the

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