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Job Opportunity
Resident co-directors/naturalists

The Hofstra University Marine Laboratory, in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica,
West Indies, is searching for a pair of qualified persons to run the
laboratory from October 1, 1999, to August 31, 2000 (11 months).

The successful candidates will be responsible for teaching seven
Elderhostels, each for 12 days, and containing as many as 36 mature
individuals.  In addition, the resident directors will assist
approximately 35 visiting professors by giving guest lectures to their
classes and accompanying them on field trips.  They will maintain the
running seawater system and all the equipment, and will participate in
our ongoing research program.

HUML is in its 19th year and has grown into a major field station.  It
consists of a two-story, three-classroom laboratory building, a wet
laboratory building with an open seawater system, a library/equipment
building, and a 30-room hotel.  The facility is served by a fleet of
three boats, including a new 30-foot, twin-engine dive boat, and a SCUBA
shop with compressors.  HUML is surrounded by an extraordinary array of
habitats, from the three-kilometer coral reef just offshore to miles of
pristine rocky shores with extraordinary zonation, to a nearby mangrove
swamp.  A tiny island lies just offshore.  A short boat ride brings
classes to a cave containing bats, a sunken shipwreck, walls of live
coral, beautiful coves, and other spectacular sites.

The salary for the 11-month position is $16,000 ($8,000 for each
co-director), plus all benefits including an apartment, board, medical
insurance, a 12-day training course (in Jamaica), and airfare.  In other
words, all expenses are paid and the total salary may be saved.  The
positions are usually filled by couples without children.

For further information, send a letter indicating why you believe you
are of "star" caliber and can assume this major responsibility to:

Dr. Eugene Kaplan
Director, HUML
Department of Biology
114 Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY   11549-1140
516-463-5520; FAX 516-463-5112

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