Subject: Abstract: melon-headed whales, Caribbean (fwd)

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Subject: Abstract: melon-headed whales, Caribbean (fwd)

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A new publication regarding melonhead whales from the Caribbean recently
appeared in Mammalia (French journal of mammalogy). Reprints are available
upon request to the first author.

Mignucci-Giannoni, AA, MA Rodr=EDguez-L=F3pez, JJ P=E9rez-Zayas, RA
Montoya-Ospina & EH Williams. 1998. First record of the melonhead whale
(Peponocephala electra) for Puerto Rico. Mammalia 62(3):452-457.

Melonhead whales (Peponocephala electra) are considered an oceanic
tropical and subtropical species throughout the world. The species is well
documented for the Pacific, but its geographical range for the Atlantic
Ocean is poorly known. Thirty-one records have been reported for the
Atlantic, with its northerntmost record from the United Kingdom and its
southernmost record from Brazil. Only 8 records are known for the
Caribbean Sea. We present a new record of the melonhead whale for the
Atlantic and the Caribbean, in addition to documenting the first record
from the island of Puerto Rico. On 17 August 1993 a 210-cm juvenile male
P. electra stranded at Playa Los Veleros in Cayo Icacos (17=B058=B9N,
66=B054.5=B9W), 0.3 km E of Cabo San Juan (Fajardo) on the NE corner of Pue=
Rico. The animal was found in a moderate state of decomposition and a full
necropsy was conducted, including complete morphometrics, pathology,
parasitology and food habits.

Dr. Antonio A. Mignucci-Giannoni
Scientific Coordinator-Caribbean Stranding Network
Associate Professor-Universidad Metropolitana
PO Box 361715 San Juan PR 00936 USA
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