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Subject: N Atlantic humpback whales

A couple of notes on, and one minor correction to, the recent CRS
summary, regarding North Atlantic humpback whales:

The new estimate of abundance is indeed 10,600, but it's worth noting
that the 95% c.i. is pretty tight: 9,300 to 12,100.  This was recently
published by Smith et al. (1999, Mar Mammal Sci 15: 1-32), and it is
broadly consistent with a male-only mark-recapture estimate calculated
using genotype data (Palsboll et al. 1997, Nature 388: 767-769).

These estimates come from the Years of the North Atlantic Humpback
(YONAH) project, which was a seven-nation (not six) effort.  Also, I
should point put that YONAH was not initiated solely by the Center for
Coastal Studies (CCS), but by a collaboration involving CCS, the
Northeast Fisheries Science Center (Woods Hole) and the Sea Mammal
Research Unit (UK).

Phil Clapham


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