Subject: BlowTimer: a simple event-timing software (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 13:07:43 +0100
From: Giovanni Bearzi <>
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Subject: BlowTimer: a simple event-timing software


A simple software for timing surfacing intervals or any other instantaneous
event can be downloaded from the Tethys Research Institute web site

Continuous sequences of short surfacing intervals may be difficult to time
precisely with a chronometer. This minimalist software enables precise
timing of surfacing cycles (or any other instantaneous event) by just
pressing the enter key.

BlowTimer creates a text file including all the timed intervals, divided
into 3-min sessions. Each 3-min sample includes 1) "sample number"
(year_month_day_h_min); 2) initial time; 3) final time; and 4) timed
surfacing intervals.

BlowTimer also enables to add numbered note marks (by using the tab key)
whenever a note has to be added to particular surfacings or events.

These data can be relatively easily imported from a dedicated database.
Alternatively, you can open the text file with a word processor and modify
your data format to facilitate further analysis.

As BlowTimer scripts have not been protected, computer wizes may want to try
to adapt the current programming to their needs.

BlowTimer is an HyperCard-based "stack", and therefore *it can only be used
on Macintosh computers*. In order to use BlowTimer, an English version of
HyperCard is needed. If you don't have it, you may still try with a free
version of HyperCard_Player, that can be downloaded from the web (link from
the BlowTimer web page).

BlowTimer is freeware.

Giovanni Bearzi

Tethys Research Institute / Venice Dolphin Project
c/o Thetis SpA
Castello 2737/f; I-30122 Venezia, Italy
ph. +39 0412406336; fax +39 0415210292