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Gulf World Marine Park is pleased to announce an education/conservation
intern opening for the summer of 1999.  This internship is designed to
involve students with the educational needs of a marine mammal facility.
Active involvement with development of new programs and revising already
existing activities will give participants invaluable experience.

Objective: The aim of this internship is to provide support with tasks
involving the development/revising of educational programs at Gulf World.
This internship will also include assisting the members of the Marine
Mammal Department with ongoing educational programs.

Qualifications: A background in Experiential Education with an interest in
marine mammals.

Length of Internship: Three months is the minimum stay with a flexible
work week and commitment to at least 40 hours a week.

For further information call Gulf World Marine Park at 850-234-5271 ext.
15 or send resumes to:  Gulf World Marine Park, c/o Barb Losch, Marine
Mammal Department, 15412 West Highway 98-A, Panama City Beach, FL 32407.

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