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Subject: Reprints of 1998 publications now available

The Laboratory of Molecular Ecology and Evolution at the University of
Auckland is pleased to make available reprints of the following articles
and reports published or submitted in 1998.

Reprint requests should be sent to C.S. Baker at the signature address
or email to:
<> (note "Reprint Request" in the subject

Visit our Website at

Baker, C. S., L. Flsrez-Gonzalez, B. Abernethy, H. C. Rosenbaum, R. W.
Slade, J. Capella, and J. L. Bannister. 1998. Mitochondrial DNA
variation and maternal gene flow among humpback whales of the Southern
Hemisphere. Marine Mammal Science, 14:721-737.

Baker, C. S., L. Medrano-Gonzalez, J. Calambokidis, A. Perry, F. B.
Pichler, H. Rosenbaum, J. M. Straley, J. Urban-Ramirez, M. Yamaguchi,
and O. v. Ziegesar. 1998. Population structure of nuclear and
mitochondrial DNA variation among humpback whales in the North Pacific.
Molecular Ecology, 7:695-708.

Constantine, R., I. Visser, D. Burman, R. Buurman, and B. McFadden.
1998. Killer whale (Orcinus orca) predation on dusky dolphins
(Lagenorhynchus obscurus) in Kaikoura, New Zealand. Marine Mammal
Science, 14:324-329.

Dalebout, M. L., A. v. Helden, K. V. Waerebeek, and C. S. Baker. 1998.
Molecular genetic identification of southern hemisphere beaked whales
(Cetacea: Ziphiidae). Molecular Ecology, 7:687-694.

Lento, G. M., M. Haddon, G. K. Chambers, and C. S. Baker. 1998. Genetic
variation, population structure and species identity of Southern
Hemisphere fur seals, Arctocephalus spp. Journal of Heredity,

Lento, G. M., M. L. Dalebout, and C. S. Baker. 1998. Species and
individual identification of whale and dolphin products for sale in
Japan by mtDNA sequences and nuclear microsatellite profiles.
Unpublished report SC/50/RMP15 to the Scientific Committee of the
International Whaling Commission, Oman.

Patenaude, N., C.S.Baker, and N. J. Gales. 1998. Observations of
southern right whales on New Zealand's subantarctic wintering grounds.
Marine Mammal Science, 14:350-355.

Pichler, F., S. Dawson, E. Slooten, and C. S. Baker. 1998. Geographic
isolation of Hector's dolphin populations described by mitochondrial DNA
sequences. Conservation Biology, 12:676-682.

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