Subject: IDCPA survey of dolphins in the ETP (fwd)

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Subject: results from the IDCPA survey of dolphins in the ETP (fwd)

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     The National Marine Fisheries Service wishes to advise you of the
     availability, on the Internet, of research results from the
     International Dolphin Conservation Program survey of dolphins in the
     Eastern Tropical Pacific conducted by its Southwest Fisheries Science
     Center.  The information is presented on the following website:

     New information made available for the first time is included in
     the document, "Preliminary estimates of 1998 abundance of four dolphin
     stocks in the eastern tropical Pacific" by Tim Gerrodette.  Previously
     published information is also presented, including research vessel
     estimates of absolute abundance for 1979-1990, tuna vessel observer
     data (TVOD) estimates of annual mortality, and indices of relative
     abundance (produced by the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission)
     for various years up to 1997.  These previously published estimates
     are presented along with the new estimates to make available all the
     abundance and mortality estimates used in the Initial Finding required
     by the International Dolphin Conservation Program Act.

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