Subject: grad student/whale acoustics (fwd)

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Subject: grad student/whale acoustics (fwd)

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Researchers in the Oceanography Department at Dalhousie University are
working in collaboration with others in the Defence Research Establishment
Atlantic (DREA) to begin a pilot study related to passive underwater
acoustic monitoring of whale vocalizations in the Scotian Shelf and Bay of
Fundy regions.  The researchers are looking for a graduate student (MSc
candidate with the possibility of PhD) to begin working on the project
that will challenge them to show initiative in crossing boundaries between
ocean acoustics, signal processing, and whale ecology and behaviour.
Interested students who are Canadian citizens (absolute requirement), have
a sound (no pun intended) training in physics and/or mathematics and/or
statistics and who have a keen interest and/or knowledge in whale
conservation should send, by e-mail:

        1) a SHORT summary CV;
        2) a statement of academic training and standing; and
        3) a statement of interest

to any of:
        Francine Desharnais, Defence Research Establishment Atlantic
        Alex Hay, Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University
        Christopher Taggart, Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University

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