Subject: Abstract: cyamid record from Kogia breviceps (fwd)

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Subject: Abstract: cyamid record from Kogia breviceps

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Martin, Joel W. and John E. Heyning.
Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences 98(1):26-38. 1999.

First record of Isocyamus kogiae Sedlak-Weinstein, 1992 (Crustacea,
Amphipoda, Cyamidae) from the Eastern Pacific, with comments on
morphological characters, a key to the genera of the Cyamidae, and a
checklist of cyamids and their hosts.

* Research and Collections Branch, Natural History Museum of Los
Angeles County, 900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007.


The cyamid amphipod species Isocyamus kogiae Sedlak-Weinstein,
1992, is reported for the first time from southern California,
extending the known range of the species from Moreton Island,
Queensland, Australia, to the north-eastern Pacific. Additional
descriptive notes are provided based on a single adult male taken
from a pygmy sperm whale, Kogia breviceps (de Blainville, 1838),
stranded near San Diego, California. Morphological differences
between this specimen and the description of the type series are
discussed. A revised key to the six currently recognized genera
of the family Cyamidae is provided, as well as a checklist of all
described species of the family, their cetacean hosts, and the
ranges of those hosts.

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