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Subject: internship announcement

Island Marine Center, is a marine conservation, research and education
program   It's parent company operates three vessels off Maui, Hawaii.
The program consists of whale & dolphin watching trips, snorkel trips,
and scuba diving trips.  We are currently seeking volunteer interns for
our 1999 Hawaiian spinner dolphin watching season.
Internships are with the Research and Education department and consist
of collecting field data on the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins, Pacific
bottlenose dolphins, and spotted dolphin populations (and other local
species of cetaceans).  Data collection is conducted on board commercial
dolphin watching  vessels.  Other duties may include:  assisting with
education programs in local hotels and schools; computer data entry;
analyzing digitally recorded acoustical data from hydrophones; and photo
analysis.  Internships are unpaid, although assistance to locate housing
can  arranged.  Interns must commit to at least 20 hours a week and at
least six weeks in duration.  Priority is given to applicants who can
work full time and stay for longer periods of time. The dolphin program
will run from May 15th to December 15th, 1999.  Assistance with
receiving credit for the internship is provided.

In addition to the dolphin research, the Island Marine Center is also
conducting coral reef research (in conjunction with Hawaii Pacific
University).  We will be collecting baseline data via transact lines and
quadrants at our various dive and snorkel destinations.  The coral reef
internship requires that participants be PADI Open Water Certified (or
other national recognized certification).  Participants should either
own scuba gear or be prepared to rent the equipment they need.  Island
Marine Center will provide scuba tanks, weights, mask, and fins.  As in
the dolphin program, interns must commit to at least 20 hours a week and
at least six weeks in duration.  Priority is given to applicants who can
work full time and stay for longer periods of time. Priority is also
given to divers holding advanced certifications.

Participants meeting the requirements for both internship programs are
encouraged to experience both research opportunities.

Internship applicants should posses the

 Motivation and enthusiasm for marine life and the marine environment
 Dedication to hard and often tedious work
 A science background
 Knowledge of research methods
 Excellent communication skills, oral & written
 Knowledge of computer programs is very helpful
         Knowledge of photography is very helpful
 Ability to get along well with a wide variety of people

To apply for either internship, please send us a resume or c.v. and a
cover letter detailing your reasons for applying.  Internships are open
to undergraduates, recent graduates, graduate students, and other
professionals who can add to the program.

Application materials should be sent ASAP to:

 Island Marine Center
 113 Prison Street
 Lahaina, HI 96761
 phone: 808-667-6165
 fax:  808-661-5792
 ATTN.: Kris Hunter

 If sending your resume via email please do NOT send as attached file.
(Cut and paste your resume in your reply)

Kris Hunter
Director of Research and Education
Island Marine Center