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Subject: Internships with Gray Whales & SeaBirds

Internship Announcement!

Assist with Marine Ecological Research while working with Grey whales and
SeaBirds in beautiful Clayoquot Sound British Columbia!  There are only a
few spots still available!

SEACR - Society for Ecological And Coastal Research, a Non-profit
organization, currently has spaces open for summer internships starting
May 31, 1999 - August 1999.
SEACR works in conjunction with scientists and researchers from the
University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada; and from Queens
University in Ontario, Canada.

The research site is situated in breathtaking Clayoquot Sound, on Vancouver
Island, British Columbia.
Interns will have the opportunity to assist on a variety of ecological and
coastal marine research projects learning valuable research techniques and
data manipulation.
Current projects include studies on Gray Whale Site Fidelity, and Habitat
Use.  Habitat Use of Seabirds in the Sound, and Whale Prey Sampling.

Clayoquot Sound is home to a variety of coastal marine fish, birds, and
mammals. Animals who frequent the area include puffins, oystercatchers,
gulls, bald eagles, sea lions and sea otters, harbor porpoise, killer
whales, gray whales, and humpback whales.  Black bears forage in the
intertidal zone and are often visible from the boat.

For complete details of the research projects, living conditions,
application form and payment options please visit our web site:

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