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The Human Dolphin Institute is a Conservation Society, registered as a
non profit 501(C)3 corporation in the state of Florida.  It is dedicated
to the better understanding of humans, dolphins, and their
relationship.  With marine biology research, public education and
community work, it is helping people to become more aware of the
priceless beauty of the ocean's natural environment.

Our organization has developed four major programs:
        I. Marine Conservation Program
        II. Community Environmental Education Program
        III. Child Empowerment Program
        IV. Eco-Volunteer Research Trips

The Human Dolphin Institute has just created a new program, which will
link all of the Institute's activities together by opening its doors to
representatives of different educational institutions, charitable
organizations and businesses. HDI is initiating a partnership with the
community by promoting cooperative projects.

The first project is Hdi's Internship/sponsorship Program (ISP).

In an effort to lower the cost of our "Child Empowerment Program" and to
make it less exclusive and more easily available to a wider variety of
families, the Human Dolphin Institute is launching it's
Internship/Sponsorship Program (ISP) during the summer of 1999.
The ISP serves two purposes:

1. It gives graduate students in various disciplines ranging from marine
biology to ethology, psychology and other human sciences the opportunity
to participate in the development a unique pilot program. They will
spend three exciting months observing, assisting and learning from a
team of pioneering dolphin researchers, marine biologist, veterinarian,
environmental conservationists and therapists.

2. This Internship/Sponsorship Program generates a trust fund for those
emotionally and mentally dysfunctional children whose families cannot
afford the "Child Empowerment Program". Internship fees exceeding our
costs will be applied towards scholarships for those children. The
balance will be assumed by the proceeds of fundraising events and direct
private or corporate donations.

Interns will assist in research, help facilitate dolphin encounters for
disabled children (*) and demonstrate their acquired knowledge through
supervised teaching, therapeutic activities, community environmental
education (**) and conservation projects (***). They will attend a
36-hours of seminars. In addition, they will also enjoy a wide variety
of recreational activities in their free time (****).

A limited number of 6 internship positions is available for 1999.

For more information and for an application, please contact Denis
Richard at (850) 230 6030 or at <>.

For more information, please refer to our web site:
(*) <>