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Subject: Save the Whales Campaign

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With the Norwegian whaling season already underway and=20
the International Whaling Commission set to convene later=20
this month, Greenpeace USA this week launches a virtual=20
campaign to "save the whales." Its on-line petition, located at=20
supports the establishment of a global whale sanctuary, and=20
provides background details on the whaling industry and=20
More information follows. I hope you'll feature a link to this=20
campaign on Whale Net or spread the word by forwarding=20
the information to your organization's members. Let me know
if you have any questions.=20



Whale lovers and environmentalists around the world can now=20
help Greenpeace stop the killing of whales for profit by signing a=20
new on-line petition for a global whale sanctuary.

The petition, which can be found at:
calls on world leaders to create a permanent safe haven for whales
in all of the world=92s oceans that is off limits to commercial whalers.
At this site, too, visitors can learn more about whales, including
population estimates, current whaling statistics, and a history
of Greenpeace's activity to curb the species' extinction.

=93In 1993, Greenpeace collected 2 million signatures that helped=20
us win the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary in Antarctica,=94 said=20
Greenpeace whales specialist Gerald Leape.  =93Today our web=20
site gives even more people the opportunity to take action on-line,=20
and help us win an even bigger victory for the whales - a global=20

Greenpeace activists plan to announce the first tally of signatures=20
on the petition at the upcoming meeting of the International Whaling=20
Commission, the body responsible for overseeing management of=20
the world=92s whales.  During the meeting, which runs from May 24-28=20
in Grenada, West Indies, Greenpeace will urge international delegates=20
to create a series of regional whale sanctuaries, with the eventual=20
establishment of a global sanctuary.

At the same time, Leape explained, certain nations will push the
Commission to lift the current moratorium on commercial whaling.

=93Japan and Norway continue to kill hundreds of whales for profit,=20
even though Japan calls it =91scientific research,=94 Leape said.  =93Creat=
whale sanctuaries is the best way we know of to protect whales from=20
these hunts.=94

Twenty-four years ago this summer, Greenpeace embarked upon its
first peaceful action to save whales when its vessel the Phyllis Cormack
confronted a Soviet whaling vessel just 60 miles off the coast of

Continue the tradition today -- sign the petition at:

Jessica Botta