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News on Makah whaling at
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<p><font size="4" color="#000080"><strong>MAKAH INDIANS CARVE UP GRAY WHALE</strong></font></p>

<p><img src="newsgraphics/whale_carving.jpg" width="198" height="176"
alt="whale_carving.jpg (9522 bytes)" align="left" hspace="4">The carcass of gray whale
remains under a blue tarp on the beach at Neah Bay. Makah Indians plan to finish
butchering the animal today. It was dragged ashore and cut up yesterday in a big
celebration and ceremony. It's the first gray whale killed by Makah Indians in more than
70 years. <br>
The tribe gathered on the beach at Neah Bay last night, where many of them tasted whale
for the first time. Hundreds of people cheered and clapped as a line of canoes dragged the
30-foot whale to shore. <img src="newsgraphics/whale_blubber.jpg" width="198" height="165"
alt="whale_blubber.jpg (10095 bytes)" align="right" hspace="4">A holiday was declared on
the reservation and children were excused from school to witness the hunters' return and
the ceremonies. Makah hunters harpooned the whale shortly after dawn yesterday as it
surfaced next to their canoe. About eight minutes later, another Makah crew member killed
the whale with two shots from a high caliber rifle. Tribal whaling commission member Arnie
Hunter says the successful hunt has restored a missing link in the Makah's heritage. <br>
Meanwhile, anti-whaling protesters are mourning as the Makah Indians celebrate their
successful whale hunt. <img src="newsgraphics/whale_vigil.jpg" width="198" height="174"
alt="whale_vigil.jpg (11151 bytes)" align="left" hspace="4">In Seattle, Makah supporters
and anti-whaling protesters faced off at a vigil for the whale. Police were on hand and
had to step in between the two sides several times as arguments got heated. In Neah Bay,
the protest vessel Sirenian watched from the sea and sounded its horn as the whale was
pulled ashore. <img src="crying_protestor.jpg" width="198" height="167"
alt="crying_protestor.jpg (7898 bytes)" align="right" hspace="4">Sea Shepherd Conservation
leader Paul Watson says the Makah should be more somber and shouldn't be cheering the
whale's death. During the afternoon, seven whale-watching tour boats entered the harbor at
Neah Bay, and operators exchanged insults with tribal members. Other activists are worried
that more tribes will try to follow the Makah's lead into whaling. <br>

<p><a href="fs-10.shtml">Find out more about the Makah Treaty of 1855.</a></p>


<p><strong><small>NWCN AND AP</small></strong></p>

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