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>>The 1998-99 Occupational Outlook handbook said that biological and
medical scientists held about 118,000 jobs in the United States in1996.
Almost 1 in 4 biological scientists ere employed by Federal, State, and
local governments. In addition, many biological and medical scientists
held biology faculty positions in colleges and universities. 

In 1993, marine biology college graduates were as follows: Bachelor's
Degree - $25,935 and Journey Person - $55,650 Federal Government starting
salaries were (1993):Bachelor's Degree - $21,100, Master's Degree -
$25,700, Ph.D. - $37,300, Journey Person - $47,400 In 1994, biologist
trainees with NJ state service started at $27,238. Supervising biologists
earned $42,258 to $59,169/yr. 

The United States career outlook for the marine biology field is poor,
according to the Workforce New Jersey Public Information Network.
Employment of marine biologists is expected to grow slower than the
average for all occupations through the year 2005. <<

Anne Kymalainen