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Subject: 1st Quarter 1999 Edition of the MMPA Bulletin

The NMFS Office of Protected Resources has published the 1st Quarter 1999
edition of the MMPA Bulletin. The articles in this issue include:

Mandatory Ship Reporting System for Right Whales
The Importance of Post-Release Monitoring
Marine Mammals Ashore CD-ROM
1999 List of Fisheries
Cook Inlet Beluga Status Review
Hawaiian Monk Seal Entanglement
Pacific Offshore Cetacean Take Reduction Plan
West Coast Pinniped Report to Congress
Harbor Porpoise Take Reduction Plan
>From the Editors

The MMPA Bulletin can be found in PDF format on the Office of Protected
Resources web site at:

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301-713-2322 or write to NOAA/NMFS/F/PR2, Attn. MMPA Bulletin, 1315 East-West
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