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There is one sea sick remedy that my family uses with great success.  It
is the elastic acupressure wrist bands.  They cost about $5 but you can
use them forever and they do not involve pills that can make one sleepy.

If you do use bonine (SP??) that doesn't make you as drowsy but you have
to take it about an hour before the trip.

1) When your sea sick, first you are afraid that you are going to die, and
then after a bit, you are afraid that you won't.
2) I always tell them if you do get sea sick think of it a recycling.  You
are feeding the plankton, that feed the fish, that feed the whales.  You
are immortialized in the marine food chain.

Stay outside about midships..or on the stern (depending on the boat) if
you start to feel bad.  Sea sickness is caused by the brain receiving
mixed messages.  The inner ear says that you are moving and, if you are
inside, you eyes say that everything is still, and then your stomach says
"I give UP!!"

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On Thu, 27 May 1999 wrote:

> THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR HELP ........ we'll be going out JUNE 8th on the 
> VIKING STAR from Montauk Point, LI, NY with Sam Sadove (formerly of Okeanos 
> and now CRESLI) and Artie Kopelman.........sighting rate seems to be 85%. We 
> have gone out about 5 years and sighted a fin our first year and a sperm 
> once. 
>     One last question........what is your best 'sea sickness" precautionary 
> measure. I sure do hate seeing the students get sick and hate the 
> sea.....what do you recommend. And, I promise to be in touch and let you know 
> how we do. Thanks again for all your help and answering my many questions.    
>   Hank Binger