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Dear friend,
	 This is Dennis Markatos, a Junior, from the University of    
North Carolina.  I want to let you know about a new network            
that we've started here at the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill in the last year.  It is an international coalition called
SURGE, Students United for a Responsible Global Environment. We are
partners with SEAC, STARC, Free the Planet, and many other organizations
and coalitions.  We have contacts from over 225 high schools, 
universities, and NGOs from mainly the United States and Canada, and we
reach into over 30 other countries.  We would love a contact from your
group to partner up and share resources to help create the global link
necessary for a real change toward justice.  Keep up the great work.
Together we can win!
         So, could you and/or someone you know be a contact from your
school or group? It only involves me putting your and/or your friend's
email address on the SURGE National and/or International listserve so that
we can keep in touch and make events and demonstrations felt
nationally/globally, not just locally. Our first national event, the
National Day of Action Against the malicious U.S. policy towards Iraq
went well on Friday, February 12.  And we are working in partnership with
USAS, United Students Against Sweatshops, to get sweatshops out of the
collegiate apparel industry.  We held a successful sit-in to get Public
Disclosure and a living wage for manufacturers' employees in April at UNC.
       Another main focus was on the National Student Lobby Day against
the School of the Americas on Monday, April 12.  It was awesome!
Last November 22, the SOA national protest at Fort Benning, Georgia was a
huge success with it's 7,000 participants.  We followed our energy up by
telling our Congresspeople all about the blossoming movement again on May
1-4 with the SOA Watch.  We need to get the bill S. 873 passed in the vote
this summer.  We are halfway there!  We got the funding cut in the House
with a vote of 230-197 this July which marked the first time ever. Great
job to everyone working on it!  Please send in emails, letters, and call
the Senate to urge them to do the right thing. Email back soon so that we
can stay in touch on these important issues and more.  Check out our web
page at   Thank you so much.  Enjoy the
	You are invited  to our First Annual SURGE Conference October
22-24: The International and National Student Movement:  Facing the
Challenges of Globalization at UNC-Chapel Hill (30 minutes from the
Raleigh Durham International Airport) with a focus on our 4 major
campaigns and the consolidation of the International student movement.
Registration is only $20 per person.  Free housing if you sign up soon.
Keep up the great work.
                   Dennis Markatos
	ph# (919)914-0134  fax#(919)542-2139
		  Coordinator, SURGE
	Check us out at 
   A complete schedule of the Conference is on the calendar page.

"The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of
the oppressed."
	Stephen Biko, South African civil rights leader

SURGE's 4 main campaigns:
1. End the comprehensive sanctions strangling Iraq and Cuba
2. Close the US Army School of the Americas
3. Get sweatshops out of the collegiate apparel industry
4. Get NATO out of The Balkans and a peaceful, negotiating UN in