Subject: Manatee Volunteers Needed, Florida (fwd)

Mike Williamson (
Fri, 3 Sep 1999 07:53:51 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: Manatee Volunteers Needed, Florida (fwd)

From: Bruce Ackerman  <>

MANATEE RESEARCH, St. Petersburg Florida

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Tampa BayWatch, Inc.
St. Petersburg Florida

Focus:  In cooperation with the Manatee Awareness Coalition (MAC) and the
Tampa Bay Estuary Program, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Commission and Tampa BayWatch seek 5 interns and many volunteers to assist
in Manatee Watch, a research study and educational program designed to
protect manatees and promote stewardship of Tampa Bay.

Volunteer information: The research project is a 3-year manatee/boater
interaction study.  Observers use spotting scopes and binoculars to
collect information describing boater activity at two study areas in Tampa
Bay.  Paired observers work 3-hour shifts, one in the morning and one in
the afternoon either on one weekday (Tuesday - Thursday) or one weekend
day (Saturday).  Volunteers are required to make a 12-hour per month
commitment.  Training and equipment are provided. The education program is
geared towards reaching Tampa Bay users.  Volunteers talk with the
community at boat ramps, marinas, community festivals, and On Tampa Bay
aboard a specially designed pontoon boat. Volunteers may work on either or
both projects.

For more information about volunteering please contact:
Tabitha Whalen, Manatee Watch Coordinator
Tampa BayWatch, Inc.
8401 9th Street North
Suite 230B
St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Intern Information:  Five positions are available for the fall and winter
10-week sampling periods scheduled as October 1- December 15 1999 and
January 15- March 31 2000.  Junior and senior college students and recent
graduates are eligible.  Interns work approximately 35-40 hours per week
and are required to commit to the full sampling period, plus training.
Interns are responsible for data collection, entry, and verification,
equipment maintenance, and volunteer support.  Although the manatee/boater
interaction study is the primary focus, interns will also participate in
manatee photo-identification during the fall and winter and
photo-identification and habitat restoration projects during the summer.
While these internships are not paid positions, they are excellent resume
builders.  Please send internship application including project interest
(manatees), transcripts, cover letter, and references to:

Mr. Bill Arnold
Florida Marine Research Institute
100 8th Ave. SE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5095

Additional information about FWC' s manatee programs, internships, and
other volunteer opportunities may be found at


Message submitted by
Bruce Ackerman
Florida Marine Research Institute
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
(Formerly named Florida Department of Environmental Protection)

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