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Mike Williamson (
Fri, 8 Oct 1999 12:41:49 -0400 (EDT)

> 1. By year, for the last three years can give me the numbers for:
> a) the number of entanglements (split into fatal and rescued)
> c) the number of ship collisions (reported or estimated e.g. by seeing fr=
esh scars)
> d) the number of fatal collisions
Contact Amy Knowlton or Philip Hamilton at the New England Aquarium for
updated figures.
> 2. Has the nuclear plant at Pt Lepreau, New Brunswick had any measurable =
> suspected impact on the whales =E2=80=94 physically, behaviourally, etc.?=
 Has the
> plant taken any measures to limit the impact on the whales?
I'm not aware of any issue here.  Check with the Aquarium - they work up
> 3. What is the status of the Bay of Fundy tidal power generating plant an=
> its effect actual/suspected/projected on the whales? Have they taken any
> measures to limit the impact on the whales?
Ditto above.

> 4. What is the current biggest major industrial / commercial threat to th=
> calving grounds off the USA - what measures are being taken to mitigate i=
> impact?
Shipstrike.  A mandatory ship reporting system was recently implemented
which requires vessels to report on crossing a line into critical
habitat.  this will not stop collisions, but will make matriners more
aware and will also goive us much-needed information on shipping
distribution and volume for future planning.  There are also daily
overflights during the calving season, and right whale sightings are
broadcast to mariners.

> 5. Currently, is there any hunting of the Northern Right Whale at all, le=
> illegal, indigenous people dispensation?
None.  North Atlantic right whales have not been hunted since about 1935
- even the Soviets, who were killing everything else illegally in large
numbers, didn't hit this population.  The North Pacific is another
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