Subject: Report on bottlenose dolphin drive fishery in Izu, Japan (fwd)

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Subject: report on bottlenose dolphin drive fishery in Izu, Japan (fwd)

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About 200 bottlenose dolphins were driven into Futo harbor, Izu
Peninsula, Japan on October 13.  Since the fishery was blamed for
taking more than their quota of bottlenose dolphins and prohibited
false killer whales in the 1996 drive, this time the dolphins were
landed in the presence of supervisors from the prefectural
government. However, a TV crew witnessed the fishermen
processing the dolphins secretly at midnight.

On the 14th, some of the dolphins were selected for aquaria. Two
of them died from shock when they were landed.  Dolphins for
processing for their meat were pulled with hook pole and roped
around the tail to sling them up while they were alive.  After they
were transported to a processing place, dolphins were killed by
cutting the carotid, but many did not die immediately. By the end,
6 dolphins were sent to aquaria and 69 were killed. The remaining
dolphins were released but some fishermen used hand hooks to
force the dolphins out of the net and injured dolphins were

Local people told us that about half of the dolphin meat was sold in
the market of Ito city, but the rest of it was not put on the market.
Dolphin meat has been traditionally consumed in this area but it
does not seem to be popular for younger people recently.

According to resent research, it is disclosed that dolphin meat is
highly contaminated. After this hunt, high levels of methyl mercury
have been detected even from the lean meat selling in the nearby

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