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Mon, 15 Nov 1999 12:40:27 -0500 (EST)

We would like to summit an ad on marmam.  The ad is as follows;

Island Marine Institute, in Lahaina, Maui, is seeking researchers in marine
mammal biology or a related field for the annal humpback whale migration.
The Institute is under the direction of Dr. Joe Mobley.  Dr. Mobley has been
conducting research on cetaceans since 1978.  His primary focus since 1993
has been the distribution and abundance of humpbacks in Hawaii.  This season
Dr. Mobley has joined together with the Island Marine Institute to enhance
the ongoing research and education conducted on board our whale watch
The Institute works with volunteer undergraduates and graduates who are
working toward a career in marine mammal research.
The minimum requirements for these positions are: 24 volunteer hours per
week with at least a four month commitment, computer experience, familiarity
with scientific literature and reference library, and public speaking.
A background in photography and/or photo-identification is desirable.
Web-designer and/or sonar experience is preferred.
All applicants must apply by December 1 and phone interviews will be
conducted throughout the month of December.  Those chosen will be notified
by December 16 and will be required to start at the Island Marine Institute
by January 3, 2000.  Applicants that can't make the January 3 deadline will
be considered on a space available basis.
There are no charges or fees for participation in this program.  This is an
opportunity for those persons interested in gaining real practical
experience in conducting marine mammal research.
All applicants must send a resume with a cover letter detailing interest,
experience, and availability with three references to:

        Island Marine Institute
        113 Prison Street
        Lahaina, HI  96761
        Attention: Heather Medic
        Research Project Manager
        (808) 249-TAIL
        Fax: (808) 661-5792

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