Welcome WhaleNet

Mon, 10 Mar 1994 13:40:29

WELCOME to the WhaleNet Bulletin Board.
We look forward to your participation and input.
To view the directory of all posted messages and data you would
type at the BULLETIN> prompt the letters DIR  and the <return>.
This will give you a listing of the message or data by number,
showing their subject, sender, and other pertinent information.
To read a message you would type its number at the BULLETIN>
prompt and then <return>.
When finished with this bulletin board you would type EXIT at
the BULLETIN> or SELECT (and the name of a different bb  i.e.
watershed, lichens, ozone, etc.) to move into a different subject.
To see a complete listing of all bulletin boards type SELECT
ENVIRONET and read the first message.
The WhaleNet bulletin board will serve as a data collection and
discussion area for our project.
Coordinating the project will be:
Michael Williamson
Science dept.
Wheelock College
200 Riverway
Boston, MA 02215
Paul Colombo
Co-Director EnviroNet
Simmons College
Dept. of Biology
300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115
We hope that you will find Whalenet useful as well as
informative.  Please look through the information
packet to decide if the supplementary materials might
assist you in the project.  If you need an information
packet contact Michael Williamson or Paul Colombo.
if you are a guest to this bulletin board and would like
to 'post' a message you could do so by e-mailing the
following address:
If you have a username in this vax you may 'post' by
simply e-mailing the address:  whalenet.
We hope that you find this project useful, helpful and
interesting!!   Mike