White gray whale!!

Mon, 20 May 1994 09:04:36

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Subject: White gray whale!!
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According to Barbara Lagerquist at Lagerqub@ucs.orst.edu
The whale in question was indeed a white gray whale!  No case of
mistaken identity.  It was seen and filmed on Friday May 6,
passing Sea Lion Caves (north of Florence) just before noon.
The sighting was reported to the Hatfield Marine Science Center,
where I work.  Myself, and three other grad students, drove down
the coast to check it out, but failed to resight the animal.  We
did speak with the people who spotted it, and saw the video footage.
It was very impressive.  The animal appears to be an adult, and was
travelling with 2-3 other gray whales, one of which was a calf. They
were headed north.
The coloration is not a case of barnacle-scarring gone wild.  It is
indeed a pure white whale.  It's the first such report of a white
California gray whale that I'm aware of. A pure white humpback whale
has been photo-documented and seen two years in a row off the east
coast of Australia in 1992-1993. So it does happen.
SO can any one say for sure that the whale is an albino or is the video to bad
to tell??
                Thanks for your information I hope someone is going to alaska
this summer-- maybe then this mystery will be put to rest'
                Kimberly Blevins