Whale Sanctuary Monitoring

Mon, 30 May 1994 19:03:17

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Subject: Whale Sanctuary Monitoring
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    CANBERRA, May 27 (Reuter) - Australia promised on Friday to
monitor the number of whales in the new Southern Ocean Whale
Sanctuary and welcomed its establishment as a boon to its
multi-million dollar industry of whale-watching for tourists.
    ``As a major proponent of the sanctuary, Australia will
ensure that there is effective research and monitoring of whale
numbers in the sanctuary,'' Foreign Affairs Minister Gareth
Evans and Environment Minister John Faulkner said in a
    ``Australia has been fighting for whale protection for many
years,'' they said. ``It is very satisfying to see so many
countries embrace the concept of the sanctuary today, a concept
that Australia and France have been pursuing since 1992.''
    The International Whaling Commission voted 23-1 at a meeting
in Mexico on Wednesday to establish the sanctuary, which
approximately covers the southern half of the Southern
Hemisphere and is linked to an existing sancturary in the Indian
Ocean. Japan cast the lone negative vote.
    Whales moving through Australian waters, which are part of
the new sanctuary, have continuous protection from the Antarctic
to Cape York, Australia's northern tip.
    The ministers said the establishment of the sanctuary would
help Australia's whale-watching industry, which was worth A$30
million (US$22 million) a year.