Summer Program-Quebec
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Subject: Summer Program-Quebec
Research Expeditions with Mingan Island Cetacean Study Inc.
Research Sessions - Gulf of St. Lawrence
 Each year from June 15 to October 15 MICS offers the public the
 opportunity to participate in marine mammal research through 5-10
 day sessions in the Mingan Island region along the north shore of the
 Gulf of St. Lawrence.
 We offer our guests the opportunity to observe and contribute to
 the study of blue, finback, humpback, and minke whales from 24ft
 rigid-hulled inflatable boats.  Our research sessions provide spectacular
 wildlife experiences, often at close quarters.  Harbor porpoise, white-
sided and white-beaked dolphins, as well as harp and grey seals, abound
in this productive ecosystem.
 We try to avoid simply offering a week or ten days of whale-
watching. We hope that participants will not only learn about whales,
 but how field research is carried out, by participating in the collection
 of data at sea and in the analysis of the data at the field station.
 Individuals or small groups who book directly with us can choose
 their own dates, however, arrivals and departures will take place only
 on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.
 Cost:  Sessions are $155.00 (CAN) per day; this includes three
 meals, lodging, all land and water based excursions, and evening slide
 shows.  Dinner of the departure day is not included.  We suggest that
you arrive the evening before your session begins and pay an extra
 $60.00 for that night, including dinner, so that you don't waste the first
 session day traveling.  Your session begins at 06:00am of day one and
ends the evening of day 7.  The above cost less 10% is offered to travel
agents and tour groups.  Day trips are available for $65.00 (CAN) or
 $55.00(CAN) for travel agents, students, and groups of 4 or more.
 Lodging will be in a motel or guest house located in Longue-
Pointe-de-Mingan. Breakfast (6:00 am) and dinner are at the hotel or
 guest house, while lunch is on the water or at the station depending on
the weather.  The motel rooms include shower and bath, while in the
guest house the bathroom is separate.
 Transportation:  Participants must find their way to the station
by car or plane to Sept-Iles. From Montreal the drive takes 13hrs along
the St. Lawrence. The Montreal-Sept-Iles flight takes 2hrs with either
Air Alliance or Inter-Canadian from Dorval Airport (Montreal).  We will
meet all those participating in sessions five days or longer at the Sept-
Iles airport and provide transportation to Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan.
 Weather:  The temperature on land during summer is from 15-
25'C or 55-80'F, while in the spring and fall it is between 10 and 17'C
 or 50-68'F.  Keep in mind that it is cooler on the water, however,
 remember that protection from the sun is essential in all seasons.
 You can reach us at the St. Lambert address or at (514) 465-
9176 until June 1st.  After June 1st, call in Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, at
(418) 949-2845. Or you can contact Associate Director Michael
Williamson at MWILLIAMSON@VMSVAX.SIMMONS.EDU or call 617/734-
5200, x256 or 508/468-4699