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On Fri, 15 Jul 1994, Stacy Braslau-Schneck wrote:
> Gene Buck <> posted the following:
>         {Dolphin Survey.  On July 9, 1994, volunteers from Florida to New
> Jersey participated in the second annual survey of coastal bottlenose
> dolphins.}
> Can anyone post more about this survey? What were the results?  Who
> organized the survey?  How many people were involved?  did they survey
> from shore or boats or both? What experience did the volunteers have? Etc.
> Thanks,
> Stacy
I participated in the "Day of the Dolphin" survey on July 9 from 8:00 a.m.
until 12:00 p.m.  This survey, in North Carolina at least, was organized by:
        Cetacean Awareness Programs (CAP)
        c/o Guy and Deborah Stefanski
        221 Clancy Circle
        Carey, NC, 27511
Following is an exerpt from the information volunteers were given.  The
data for the dolphin watch I participated in is being analyzed by Mr.
Stefanski.  For more information, you can contact CAP at the address above.
"Cetacean Awareness Programs (CAP) is an organization interested in the
education, research, and preservation of marine mammals and their
environment.  DAY OF THE DOLPHIN is an event of Cetacean Awareness Programs.
"DAY OF THE DOLPHIN is the project name for an education/research project
that involves public volunteers in an effort to learn more about the
biology, population, location, and movements of bottlenose dolphins that
inhabit areas of the Tar Heel coast.  Since 1989, CAP has conducted 20
dolphin sighting events along the North Carolina coast.  Last season
(1993), two sighting days were held in July and October.  In July, 45
people manned 24 observation posts (OPs) to record 116 dolphin sightings
within the Cape Fear-Bogue Banks study areas.  In October, 96 people
documented 366 dolphin sightings from 45 OPs within the same areas.
"This DAY OF THE DOLPHIN project is coordinated with simultaneous efforts
involving seven other states along the US east coast.  On July 9,
volunteer teams will line the beaches from New Jersey to Florida in an
effort to count dolphins.  This is part of a dolphin census organized by
the Atlantic Dolphin Research Cooperative in an attempt to better assess
the dolphin population along the Atlantic Coast.  The mid-Atlantic
migratory stock of bottlenose dolphins has recently been classified as
'depleted' by the National Marine Fisheries Service and more information
is needed to determine their present population."
Kathryn Zagzebski
Program in Coastal Environmental Management
Duke University Marine Laboratory
Beaufort, NC