Data Summaries/JL/Capt.Red/Aug 1-12/Ed654.94 WC
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Subject: Data Summaries/JL/Capt.Red/Aug 1-12/Ed654.94 WC
Summary of time spent in research and Number of each species observed each
day on the Ed654 research cruises on Jeffry's Ledge from Aug. 1 through Aug.
12, 1994.
8/01 Totals: Hrs-3, La-50+ , Bp-5, Mn-12, Ba-3
8/02 Totals: Hrs-2.5, La-100+ , Bp-1, Mn-3, Ba-1
8/03a Totals: Hrs-2.5, La-25 , Bp-10, Ba-3
8/03b Totals(2):Hrs-2.5, La-50, Bp-4, Mn-3
8/04 Totals: Hrs:3, La:100+ , Bp:12-15, Ba:2, Mn:4
8/05 Totals: Hrs-2.5, La-300+ , Bp-21, Ba-1,  Mn-3
8/08 Totals: Hrs-3.5, La-~50 , Bp-5, Mn-10, Ba-15
8/09 Totals: Hrs-2.25, La->100 , Bp-2, Mn-13, Ba-5
8/10 Totals: Hrs-2.5, La->100 , Bp-~10, Mn-6, Ba-7, Cm-2
8/11 Totals: Hrs-3.25, La-30 , Bp-7, Mn-6, Ba-4, Cm-7
8/12 Totals: Hrs-2.2, La-100, Bp-10, Mn-9, Ba-8, Cm-1
Weather Summary
Date/Cloud Cover/Wind Dir/Wind Vel/Sea St/Vis/Air T/Water Temp/High Tide/Wave
8.1.94/100%/W/<10/2/10+nm/68'F/62'F/ht/1 ft
8.2.94/100%/SW/<10 kts/2/5+/68'F/62'F/ht/1-2ft
8.3.94/100%/N/<10 kts/2/1nm/68/62/ht/<1ft
8.10.94/30%/NW/10-15/2/20nm/68F/62F/14:00/1-3 ft