Case Study: Whale Euthanasia
Mon, 9 Sep 1994 14:14:57

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Subject: Case Study: Whale Euthanasia
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Subj:	Euthanasia method for 10m whale?
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Subject:      Euthanasia method for 10m whale?
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[Apologies if you already received this, network problems]
In caring for the 10m _Balaenoptera edeni_ which is in the Manning River
in Australia, we are trying to plan for as many eventual outcomes as possible.
One of these is euthanasia, should it ever become necessary.
We would be very interested to hear from anyone having experience with the
successful euthanasia of a whale of this size. A variety of methods have been
proposed, some of which seem ill advised -- information on what does not work,
or what methods are unreliable, would also be invaluable.
I will make sure the information goes only to those who need it.
By the way, the latest on the whale is basically 'no change'. It is still
spending most of its time in the same short stretch of the river. However it
has taken of late to 'disappearing' now and then for several hours. Where it
goes, we don't know, but it always comes back...
We remain hopeful.    :-)
Bill Fulton