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The Virginia Marine Science Museum operates a stranding team that
responds to nearly all coastal Virginia strandings, upwards of 300 each
year.  We conduct an annual Dolphin Count in July, and send research
staff out daily when we also present Dolphin Watch boat trips to the
public.  This past week we rescued a small calf from False Cape State
Park and airlifted it to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  At the same
time we rescued a Pygmy Sperm Whale.  The dolphin died, the pygmy sperm
whale was holding its own and was estimated to be less than one week
old.  We think that since these whales were both nursing and that something
happened to their mothers.
Our coastal bottlenose population is estimated at about 300 animals.
They spend the summer at the beach, arriving in May and staying until
October.  If you would like more information about our Dolphin trips,
call me.  We have had humpbacks off our coast in January and Feb. in
large enough quantities to go out to watch them as well.  Our curator in
charge of dolphin reseacrh is Mark Swingle.
Lynn Clements
Education Coordinator
On Mon, 12 Sep 1994, Cara Gubbins wrote:
> Fellow marine mammal folks,
> I am trying to get information (the more detailed the better) on ecology,
> genetics, behavior, migration, etc. of bottlenose dolphins along the east coas
> of the U.S., especially along the Georgia, Carolina coasts. I'm getting nowher
> in the library and thought that someone else might know of an organization of
> east coast researchers, etc. that I might be able to contact.
> Any leads are much appreciated!
> Cara Gubbins
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