Case Study:Recue advise
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Subject: Case Study:Recue advise
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Subject: Manning River Rescue
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        Project Jonah (New Zealand) would like to offer our experience and
expertise to assist.
        Since 1985, we have had in use an inflatable rescue pontoon
system that is now standard equipment in all our whale rescue kits. This
pontoon system has now been used successfully to refloat & rescue in
excess of 2000 animals. It has been used to refloat dolphins and whales
as big as 15 metres (Minke). Two weeks ago, it was used to refloat a 10
metre Brydes whale that stranded on a sand bar and was refloated and
towed 2 KM out to sea for successful release. This system allows the
whale to be transported/towed in complete safety and comfort with no
stress placed upon the whale.
        It is a compact system inflated by a dive tank and when
transported, fits into a large dive bag and weighs approximately 45 KG.
Made of inflatable boat material, it is amazingly robust and resilient.
The Department of Conservation in New Zealand has 27 sets stationed
around the country for immediate deployment in the event of a stranding.
These pontoons have also been sent and are in use in the USA and Canada.
        This system was designed and developed by Project Jonah (New
Zealand) and its Rescue Team members have considerable experience and
expertise in refloating and moving whales over sand bars, deep mud
flats and out through surf.
If Project Jonah (NZ) can assist please contact us via E-mail (On the
above address) or via any of the following means:
Fax: +64-9-473-1440 (24 Hours)
Project Jonah hotline: +64-25-941-772 (24 Hours)