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The Exxon Valdez Trustees Council has authorized expenditure of $25
million from the $900 million oil spill civil settlement monies to build
the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska.  The Sea Life Center will
be a marine mammal research, rehabilitation, and public education
facility owned by the City of Seward and operated by the non-profit
group Seward Association for the Advancement of Marine Science (SAAMS).
The University of Alaska Institute of Marine Science will be asked to
provide scientific leadership and to monitor activities at the facility
to ensure they conform with criteria for expenditure of oil spill
settlement money.  The research facility will include water tanks as big
as 500,000 gallons and an outdoor rookery that will house Steller sea
lions, harbor seals, sea otters, and marine birds.  Inside will be wet
and dry labs and 16 offices to be rented to researchers.  The Trustees
Council requires that several legal criteria must be met before the
money can be spent.  For more information, contact:
Darryl Schaefermeyer, Project Manager
P.O. Box 1329
Seward, Alaska, USA  99664.
Dr. Donald Schell, Director
UAF Institute of Marine Science
School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
235 Irving II
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Alaska USA  99775-7220