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Subject: Info: Japan Whaling v Australia
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Subject:      Australia slams Japan's whale
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Australia slams Japan's whale killings
   SYDNEY, Dec. 23 (UPI) -- Australia on Friday condemned Japan's
decision to continue to kill whales for "scientific purposes,"
branding it as "lethal research."
   Acting Foreign Minister Bob McMullan and Environment Minister John
Faulkner asked Japan to cease this "unnecessary form of exploitation of
whales," in a joint statement Friday.
   The ministers said they had been advised that the Japanese government
had informed the International Whaling Commission, or IWC, that it had
issued a permit under Japanese legislation to re-authorize the killing
of up to 330 Minke whales in an area of Antarctic waters to the south of
Australia and New Zealand in the 1994-95 summer season.
   "We have said on many occasions that we strongly disagree with the
continuation of this program of lethal research," they said.
   "We acknowledge that the decision of the government of Japan is
within the letter of the 1946 Convention, but it is our firmly held view
that the continued killing of whales in the Southern Ocean is of a scale
and nature that subverts the intent of the IWC's moratorium on
commercial whaling.
   "In addition, the whales are to be taken from Antarctic waters that
are now within the Southern Ocean sanctuary.
   "We have repeatedly put the strong view that, with modern
techniques, the information essential for management and conservation
could be gained without killing whales.
   "We are greatly disappointed that Japan continues to ignore
international opinion as expressed in the IWC.
   "We call on Japan to follow the great majority of international
opinion and cease this unnecessary exploitation of whales," they said.