Video:How to collect data on strandings

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Subject: Video:How to collect data on strandings
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  In 1992 we prepared a 13 minute video on 'How To' collect Level A data
on stranded cetaceans in the southeastern U.S.  The work was done under a
U.S. Marine Mammal Commission contract.  Most of the tapes were
distributed to stranding network participants in the southeastern U.S.
but a number are still available.  While the tape is dated in that it is
based on an outdated data form, the data categories remain the same and
the tapes are not doing anyone any good sitting on my shelf (and, I need
the space).  Tapes are VHS, 1/2 inch.
  They are available on a first-come, first-served basis with priority
given to stranding network participants and coastal organizations that
are likely to encounter strandings.  One per customer unless
justification for additional copies is provided.  Include surface mail
(snail mail) address.  The tape is copyrighted by the stranding network
but permission is granted for limited copying but not for sale or use in
any product that is sold.
Dan Odell