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These "paying volunteer" programs can be added to the "intern/volunteer"
program list posted a few weeks ago.  Through these short-term programs,
volunteers pay a fee to join a research program or expedition as a
volunteer assistant researcher.  (Some of the money goes to support the
research.)  Write these programs for their latest catalog listings.
PAYING VOLUNTEER POSITIONS (*You* pay *them* to volunteer).
P.O. box 403 BR
Watertown, MA  02272-9924
Univeristy Research Expeditions Program (UREP)
University of California
Berkeley, CA  94720-6586
Also add to the regular internship list:
Pinniped Learning & Behavior Project
UCSC, Long Marine Lab
100 Shaffer Road
Santa Cruz, CA  95060
(408) 459-3345
Yours in service,