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Subject: Info: Kieko Release Opinion
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The points raised by Jaap v/d Toorn are all relevant and well thought out,
and were all
considered by Ken Balcomb in his proposal to rehab and if possible release
Keiko, which
was presented to Keiko's owners a year ago. The question of participation of
Iceland in an
internationally publicized reunification of a whale with its family is
possibly the most
problematic, and will probably call for a very high profile approach to the
university and fisheries communities. The general question of whether Keiko
has a
reasonable chance of survival is in the final analysis a matter of informed
judgement since
release after long term captivity has not been done for a killer whale,
although several
bottlenose dolphins and at least one pilot whale have successfully
reintegrated with social
groups, possibly not their own, after years of captivity. (Keiko would, of
course, not be
released except into the company of his close relatives.) Balcomb has a
strong basis for
making a well informed judgement in that regard, after thirty years studying
a wide range
of cetaceans in the wild, with twenty of those years spent observing killer
whales in their
natural habitats.
In addition to the list of cetacean releases (Cetacean Releases, A List of
Examples) already
mentioned by Terry, a 35 page annotated bibliography of references to sources
information relating to various aspects of cetacean release programs is
available (An
Annotated Bibliography of Cetacean Releases). The Gales and Waples reference
by Gordon Anderson is listed, for example.
Both documents are intended to evolve as new information is brought to light.
additional material for either document is welcome.
To obtain either or both of these documents, please send $10.00 for each to:
Release Documents
Center for Whale Research
P.O. Box 1577
Friday Harbor WA 98250