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Subject: Info: Stranding in Greece
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Subj:	Newborn Globicephala stranded in Greece
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Subject:      Newborn Globicephala stranded in Greece
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Last November (24/11/94) a cetacean was found stranded (dead) near Rhodos town (
Rhodos island, southeast Aegean Sea, Mediterranean). The animal was very fresh,
with marks of nets on its skin near the head and with some injuries on its body
(entangled in nets and killed by fishermen?). Local people that identified it, i
nformed Dr. A. Frantzis that it was probably a Grampus griseus. Yesterday (21.3.
95), some really good photos of that cetacean came to his hands. It was a female
 Globicephala melas, probably newborn (1.73 m), the first (as far as he knows) o
fficially announced pilot whale stranding in greek seas and one of the very rare
 in the whole Eastern Mediterranean basin. Fortunately, this baby pilot whale is
 still available, kept in a freezer. In about two weeks from now it will be diss
ected. If someone is specially interested, can contact Dr. Alexandros Frantzis,
Terpsichoris 21, 166 71 Vouliagmeni, Greece, fax 301-8941391 or 301-9331435 or s
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