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Marine mammal specialists may be interested to know of another
listserver on the Internet dealing with a group of marine vertebrates:
seabirds.  The help message is given below for those that would like
to join Seabird-l.
Thnaks to all who replied about underwater explosions and their
effects: I am learning a lot!
John Cooper, Co-manager, Seabird-l
MEMBERSHIP of Seabird-l, a listserver about seabirds and for marine
ornithologists, is not restricted in any way.
The listserver was initiated in August 1993 to help marine
ornithologists exchange information and to keep in contact on a
worldwide basis.  In April 1995 membership stood at about 200 and was
growing by one or two people a week.
Examples of its use are requests for and offers of information,
ideas, data and collected material (such as skeletal and soft-tissue
samples), advertising employment, bursary, fellowship and volunteer
opportunities, notices of meetings, availability of written materials
(e.g. expedition reports, books, proceedings, reprints), etc.
All e-mail messages posted on Seabird-l will automatically be sent to
all subscribers.
Seabird-l is co-managed by John Cooper ( and
Andrea Ploes (, Percy FitzPatrick Institute of
African Ornithology, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch 7700, South
Receipt of this message does not mean that you have automatically been
made a subscriber of the listserver.  Your privacy is being fully
respected and your e-mail and postal addresses will only be added to
Seabird-l's address list (and therefore be available to all its
members) if you join the listserver as detailed below.
To join Seabird-l send to
the following in the FIRST LINE of the MESSAGE FIELD of an e-mail
                     SUBSCRIBE SEABIRD
This MUST be followed on a new line by a double dash <-->, after which
you should give your full name and postal, telephonic and fax
addresses as you would like them listed in the listserver's address
list (see below). Leaving these out will mean that you will only
appear in the address list under your e-mail address.  You are also
encouraged to list your research interests for inclusion with the
address list.  An acknowldgement will automatically be sent to new
members, confirming they have been added to the membership.
To post messages send them to SEABIRD@UCT.AC.ZA.  You will receive
your message back as confirmation it has been sent out to all
subscribers, but only if you have previously subscribed.
To receive help, send the following in the FIRST LINE of the MESSAGE
FIELD of an email letter to LISTSERVER@UCT.AC.ZA
                               HELP SEABIRD
this will automatically send you the help facility (which is this
Also available are archival files which contain e-mail messages sent
to the listserver in the current calendar year and in previous years.
These are available by sending in the MESSAGE FIELD of an e-mail
                              INDEX SEABIRD
This will automatically send you the list of archive files, along
with instructions how to retrieve them.
Also available is an alphabetical e-mail and postal address list
which contains all the current subscribers to the listserver, along
with their research interests if given.  It is automatically
accessible by sending in the FIRST LINE of the MESSAGE FIELD of an e-
                       SEABIRD ADDRESSES
Features of Seabird-l:
                      WORLDWIDE MEMBERSHIP
                    ARCHIVING OF ALL MESSAGES
|   John Cooper                                         |
|                                                       |
|   UCT Senior Research/SANAP Antarctic Officer         |
    Room 2.06, John Day Zoology Building,
    University Avenue, Upper Campus
|   Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology  |
|   University of Cape Town                             |
|   Rondebosch 7700                                     |
|   South Africa                                        |
|                                                       |
|   Lalisa                                              |
|   9 Weltevreden Avenue                                |
|   Rondebosch 7700                                     |
|   South Africa                                        |
|                                                       |
|   Electronic mail:           |
|                                                       |
|   Fax: +27-21-650-3295                                |
|   Office phone (direct): +27-21-650-3294              |
|   Office phone (answering machine): +27-21-650-3296   |
|   Home phone: +27-21-685-1357                         |